Tom Wayson

Hello! I am Tom Wayson I am a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultant with over 10 years experience developing web mapping applications and architecting spatial database solutions for electric utility and local government clients. Depending on the engagement, I may fill the role of solutions architect, lead developer, and/or project manager. I am passionate about finding the best platforms and tools for delivering a high quality user experience and optimum system performance.

This site is a portfolio of projects that highlight my experience with technologies such as GIS, ASP.Net, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Featured Projects

Listed below are recent or technically interesting projects* that I have been a part of. For more examples, see the projects section.


CairnBUILDER thumbnail

CairnBUILDER is an interactive mapping application that enables users to draw trails and markers over a topographic map service. CairnBUILDER uses the ESRI ArcGIS Online JavaScript API to integrate user generated data with data from other REST web services such as a the USGS Elevation Query Web Service and a place name service from to and overlay that data over a topographic tiled map service from ESRI.

As the application architect and lead developer I was responsible for all implementation decisions as well as all programming for CairnBUILDER. I worked closely with the project manager and designer to complete the project within the hard two week deadline. I chose to leverage the built-in membership and roles features of ASP.Net to get a basic site up and running rapidly. I could then focus on developing custom web services to create, display, and edit user generated routes and markers and integrating that data with the other REST services.

Tags: ArcGIS Online, ASP.Net, ESRI, jQuery, SQL Server

LADWP Power Reliability Program Maps

LADWP Power Reliability Program Maps thumbnail

The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Power Reliability Program (PRP) web site publishes monthly reports that how the city is meeting its goals for repairing or replacing its power distribution infrastructure. The reports include interactive maps that overlay city council district and LADWP service districts over the Bing Maps tiled map service. When a user clicks on a district, the map zooms into the extent of the district and displays specific facilities that have been recently repaired or replaced as an overlay of points.

Tom Wayson was responsible for designing and programming the template page used by all interactive maps. This template takes the report data as XML files and uses the Bing Maps AJAX Control, jQuery, and custom ASP.Net REST web services join that data with the static report data.

Tags: ASP.Net, Bing Maps, jQuery, XML

City of Pasadena Interactive Map Enhancements

City of Pasadena Interactive Map Enhancements thumbnail

I worked with the City of Pasadena to enhance their Google Maps based online mapping application to make nearby features (such as libraries, transit stations, etc.) more easily discoverable when a user searches for an address. For more details, see my blog post about the project.

As an independent contractor to the City, I had to evaluate the requirements, architect a solution, estimate the effort and submit a quote, and implement the all of the T-SQL, JavaScript code myself.

Tags: Google Maps, ASP.Net, jQuery, SQL Server

* Due to concern for my clients’ privacy and security, I am only able to provide limited details about most of the projects that I have worked on. Therefore a project’s inclusion in this list may have more to do with its availability to be published rather than professional relevance or technical challenge.